This 10-Second “Fizzy Juice” Slimmed Me Down Once More…

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Georgie Maine

Writer at Nourished Collective. Mom of 3, Grandma of 4. Lover of food now living her best life.

I didn’t think much of it in my 30s or 40s, but once I hit my 50s I began noticing how much being overweight was affecting my entire life.

We moved to Bend, Oregon once my husband retired for a lifestyle change. Bend is a beautiful small town nestled on the edge of the Cascade Range along the Deschutes River.

Winter and spring are especially beautiful here. With hiking, camping, cycling, and fishing among many other outdoor activities available to pursue.

However, there was one problem: I was far too heavy to move.

The years of living in stress and bad eating habits had taken a toll on me. I was in terrible shape. My bloods were bad, I was riddled with aches and pains and was on the way to becoming diabetic.

I was depressed, and resented the fact that because of my girth, I was missing out on so many special moments with my family and my hubby.

I’d avoid the mirror at any cost, I hated how I looked, what I had become. And I’d find some comfort in eating anything sweet… I didn’t care.

I tried making changes in the past, I’d lose a little, then gain it all back even quicker.

It was slow and painful and always felt hungry and irritable whenever I tried.

Because of this, I’d stay home while my husband took the grandkids out to enjoy Bend's beautiful wildlife.

But as life would have it, my fate was soon to change on one fine sunny morning while shopping in town.

I ran into a dear work friend of mine while grocery shopping. I hadn’t seen Lorinda since before the kids were born… a lifetime ago. I recognized her straight away.

I must admit she looked amazing, like she hadn’t aged one bit! She was still the vibrant, eclectic full of life Lorinda I remember from many years ago. I had to know her secret!

She laughed when I told her, saying that she wasn’t like this all her life. In fact she began talking about this “Fizzy Juice” which completely changed her life around, and sent me a video link explaining it all.

I figured I had nothing to lose after trying a variety of diets and exercise plans without any success. The result was remarkable. I began watching the weight drop right off… just from drinking it.

Pink tea

What’s shocking to me is that I didn’t have to diet, starve, or even cut out my favorite foods.

I didn’t even have to exercise or do anything different.

And it went against everything I had been told…. But it worked!

What was even more surprising was that because I stopped craving sweet foods, I wanted to eat healthier.

I now wake up every morning feeling energized and rejuvenated!

Instead of feeling hopeless and depressed, I began to feel confident and cheerful!

I’m now going on long hikes, enjoying nature again, and doing it without struggling or any pain!

Best thing: My annual trip to the doctor confirmed what I had felt was happening. My blood sugar levels had normalized, my heart was healthier than ever, and I got the clearance to go off all my meds!

No words can describe how great it feels to get healthy and stay well at this stage of my life.

It’s why I’m sharing my story with everyone. Even my hubby is having the same “Fizzy Juice” and seeing amazing results.

Even though I am 57, I feel younger than I ever did before, and it gets better with each passing day.


Each morning I wake up feeling blessed and grateful to be where I am today. To spend my time with my husband, enjoying the activities and going on the adventures we always dreamed about doing when he retired.

I’ve included below the video I watched that explains everything about the “Fizzy Juice”. Please click the button below.

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